205 Live Results (04/03/20): Kushida Takes On Danny Burch

wwe 205 live tjp

Tonight’s episode of SmackDown is done, and with WrestleMania 36 set to take place over the weekend, the final 205 Live before the biggest event in WWE is ready to go. Friday’s episode of 205 Live was a rather short one, with just two matches taking place, as Kushida took on Danny Burch and Jack Gallagher faced off against Tyler Breeze.

Check out below for the results:

Kushida defeats Danny Burch via submission

Things ended for Burch after Kushida trapped him in a Hoverboard Lock in an interesting fashion. Kushida landed a hip toss on Burch, which he then followed up by landing a dropkick onto him before trapping him into the submission.

Jack Gallagher defeats Tyler Breeze via pinfall

Gallagher took down Breeze in a match that nearly saw Breeze come away with a win. The match ended after Breeze tossed Gallagher into the barricade outside of the ring, which was followed by Breeze tossing Jack back into the ring. However, once inside the ring, Gallagher knocked Breeze out with a huge elbow once he got back into the ring, and Gallagher was able to pin Breeze for a win.

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