Jay Briscoe Practices His Cheerleading, Final Four Announced In ROH’s Bracket Of Honor

Jay Briscoe

Jay Briscoe Practices His Cheerleading

One positive you can take from the current global situation is how much time professional wrestlers get to spend with their long-suffering families. It’s no secret that wrestlers have grueling tour schedules that keep them away from home more often than not. With several companies completely shut down and several others on more limited taping schedules, many of your favorite stars have a lot of quality time bonding with their kids. That’s a long preamble to introduce a video of Jay Briscoe dancing with his daughter while wearing a bow in his hair. Enjoy:

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Final Four Announced In ROH’s Bracket Of Honor

Speaking of Ring of Honor, their Bracket of Honor has reached the final four, and the participants are some of the best to step through their doors. On one side, you have Samoa Joe taking on Bryan Danielson. On the other, CM Punk goes up against Jay Lethal. Will we see the classic Joe vs. Punk rivalry renewed? Or will Bryan Danielson have the opportunity to put over another young up and comer?

Online voting for these two matchups starts up on Friday, April 3 and continues throughout the weekend. If you’d like to sway the results towards your favorite star of yesteryear, you just have to log onto ROH’s official site.