Joaquin Wilde Loses To Kushida, Gets Kidnapped After


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Joaquin Wilde’s night went from tough to incredibly chaotic, as he not only lost to Kushida in the ring at NXT, but was apparently kidnapped afterward. Following a tough loss to Kushida in the ring, Wilde caught up with NXT backstage, where he began to expression frustration about the loss. However, two masked men quickly ran up to Wilde, and forced him into the back of a truck before driving off. This now marks the second kidnapping of an NXT superstar, with no information as to why it’s happening revealed just yet.

For a brief recap of how the match between Kushida and Wilde ended, check out below:

Kushida takes Wilde down. Kushida rides Wilde’s back. Kushida and Wilde trade pin attempts. Kushida almost turns a monkey flip into an armbar. Wilde escaped. Kushida eventually locks in the armbar for the win.

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