Jim Ross’ ‘Under The Black Hat’ #1 On Amazon Sports Biographies, NWA Airing Tim Storm vs. Jocephus Tonight

Jim Ross

Photo: Simon & Schuster

Jim Ross’ ‘Under The Black Hat’ #1 On Amazon Sports Biographies

We all may be huddled up at home, but Jim Ross’ work week couldn’t have started any better as his new biography with Paul O’Brien, Under The Black Hat, hit bookshelves today and the Boomer Sooner sure holds a lot of stock among wrestling readers. JR just announced via Twitter that his second book is already ranked number one on Amazon in the sports biographies category.

You can pick up your own hard copy of the book by going here.

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NWA Airing Tim Storm vs. Jocephus Tonight

Tim Storm just recently shared some exotic tales regarding the Netflix famous Tiger King, and tonight NWA is all set to continue the spotlight on Mama Storm’s shining star. The promotion will air Storm’s January 2018 empty arena match with Jocephus in place of it’s usual spot for Powerrr.

With the influx of new fans into the National Wrestling Alliance through #NWAPowerrr, we’ve decided to reupload not only the Tim Storm vs. Jocephus Empty Arena match from January of 2018 but the epic story of why the match took place. This nearly 50 minute video takes you through various episodes of #TenPoundsOfGold that tell the story of Tim Storm as the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. How Jocephus played a huge part in costing Tim Storm his 414 day run as the Worlds Champion. What it took for Jocephus to get another match with Tim Storm and the shocking moment that Jocephus crossed the line.

If you’ve seen the match, you might not have seen all the things that brought these two bitter rivals together for this Empty Arena Match. The unique wrinkle of this match was that it was Jocephus who demanded the match take place at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.