Sonya Deville Says Acting Is Where Her Heart Is

Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Many WWE Superstars in the past have gone on to successful careers in Hollywood. Of course, Dwayne “The Rock Johnson” and John Cena immediately come to mind, but Sonya Deville thinks there is room for a female, namely herself, to make those same kinds of waves in Tinseltown.

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Speaking with Digital Spy, Sonya reveals that acting is where her heart is at the moment even though she’s a full-time WWE Superstar.

“Acting is definitely where my heart’s at. Recently I’ve been going out to LA and trying to just dive into Hollywood,” she began. “It’s something that coincides well with WWE with the likes of John Cena and The Rock being super successful in both and I would love to be a female that can do the same. That’s definitely my goal and that’s going to be what I’m focusing on, on top of wrestling, over the next few years.”

Currently, on WWE TV, she is involved in the soap opera-like storyline featuring Mandy Rose and Otis. She called it the most fun storyline she’s ever been a part of and says she’s having so much fun. Read her full comment at this link.