FITE To Offer WrestleMania 36 On PPV In The United States, Select International Territories

wrestlemania 36

WrestleMania 36 is going to have a lot of eyeballs glued to the screen this weekend.

FITE enters the ring as the latest OTT provider to add WrestleMania to their lineup. The company announced they are offering the event as part of a two-day weekend package for fans in the United States and in select international territories for $59.99.

WrestleMania will be held as a two-night event airing this Saturday, April 4 and Sunday, April 5 at 7 pm ET and FITE will offer the event on PPV via HD digital stream, in English and Spanish, along with its custom live chat, so viewers from across the world can enjoy the live discussion of the event, together.

Customers will have the option to purchase the Saturday, April 4 event and/or the Sunday, April 5 event for $34.99 per night, or buy the Weekend Package for additional savings over individual buys. Pay Per View purchases on FITE will include replays, DVR functionality and can be viewed online, PC, mobile devices, Smart TV or their favorite OTT device. Place your PPV order on FITE today to watch and chat with your friends:

FITE is the latest provider to offer WrestleMania 36 outside of WWE Network, as it is still available for purchase on pay-per-view through your cable provider and now the FOX Sports app.

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FITE COO Mike Weber previously addressed the potential of having a WWE event on their service, noting last summer that they talk with every promotion available but they were aiming for a Summerslam or WrestleMania level event.

Weber also spoke about the benefits of the pro wrestling business model and said the PPV payoff serves as the culmination for a big event compared to other sports’ respective bigger shows.

“Wrestling is actually much more organized and they have a good business model. Way back before I got involved, the business model of pro wrestling was to have a weekly television show that was 100% geared towards selling tickets at the live arena once a month. They sell the show weekly and then once a month they’d come to your town for the big event and make their money off the ticket sales.

“Many of the initial wrestling television program clearances were paid for by the wrestling promotion. Essentially like paid advertising to get people to buy your tickets. Over the years, while ticket sales are still very important, it’s gone into ‘watch the weekly wrestling program for free, but you have to buy this PPV event once a month because it’s the end of a storyline or a bigger event.’”

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