Jim Ross On How AEW Listens To Fans And Offers Meaty Storytelling

Jim Ross

Photo Credit: Thomas Tischio / AEW

Jim Ross recently spoke with Jim Ryan of Forbes and discussed All Elite Wresting’s recipe for success. The iconic broadcaster first emphasized the importance of storytelling. “’Storytelling is the steak,'” said Ross via Ryan. “‘The whistles and bells – the pyro, the graphics, the technical things – that’s the sizzle. It’s all about the steak.'” Ross also said it’s important to know who the characters in the ring. Per Ryan, Ross said he thinks AEW offers a more meaty product than its competitors. “‘We want to deliver more steak than the others in the same field or genre,'” said Ross via Ryan. “‘And I think that’s what we’re doing. ‘”

Ross also stressed that wrestling companies need to listen to their fans and identify their target audience. “’Identifying your audience is imperative for any marketer,'” said Ross via Ryan. “‘Who is my audience? Who am I going to sell to? Who is going to buy my product? Where are they? How do I communicate with them? And that’s kind of where we are: we have a blast and we listen to the audience.’”

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