Netflix Premieres Trailer For WWE’s The Main Event

What would happen if you took the origin story of Spider-Man and set it in WWE City from one of the best Scooby-Doo feature films? If this new trailer is any indication, you’d get something approaching The Main Event, the first results of WWE’s new deal with Netflix for original content. Watch the trailer below, featuring a young schoolchild finding a magic luchador mask and becoming Kid Chaos (Khaos?):

The trailer features a plethora of WWE talent, including Otis and Keith Lee selling for our hero, The Miz acting as a makeshift William Regal, and Corey Graves and Renee Young returning to the NXT announce table. Also, watch out for Shaemus performing ref duties while still recovering from his recent injury. If you have a kid who loves current WWE, they’ll probably have a great time with it when it launches on April 10.

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