The Young Bucks: ‘Hulk Hogan Was Our Favorite, By Far’

Young Bucks AEW Revolution

Photo Credit: AEW

Talking on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Matt and Nick Jackson talked about how they were inspired to break into the wrestling business. Growing up, they watched WWF but stuck with Hulk and Randy as they made the move to Atlanta.

Matt: “When Hulk switched over and they started getting all of our favorites, we left WWF. That’s it, we’re NWO kids now.”

Nick: “Hogan was our favorite, by far.”

While the antics of the NWO got them hooked, it was the antics of the teams involved in the rise of TLC that really made them consider a career in pro wrestling. Many have already made the comparison, but Matt Jackson confirms it. “I saw myself and my brother out there. I saw Jeff and Matt, and I said that could be me and Nick.”

The podcast also covers how the Bucks came up with their high impact style, which stems from being in opening matches and wanting to jam in as many moves as possible into eight minutes. “We wanted to create a party atmosphere. Super kick party, that’s where that came [from]. We wanted action action action, so much action…let’s just go high spot the whole match, because we wanted to be different.”

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