Ric Flair Speaks On The Coronavirus: ‘We Have To Learn How To Be Self-Contained’

Ric Flair

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Ric Flair just cut one of the most important promos of our lives. With his wife Wendy at his side, wrestling’s GOAT opened up about his thoughts regarding the Coronavirus and how necessary it is for everyone in the world to do their part against battling back, specifically social distancing and self-containing ourselves so we call all once more enjoy the world that we live in.

“I am the king of doing what’s wrong in life. I’ve never done anything right and here I am selfishly thinking that I’m missing WrestleMania, the greatest athletes in the world performing with nobody there and I’m thinking that that’s making a statement by not going and to me that’s the last thing. It’s learning right now that we have to social distance, we have to practice hygiene at its highest, we have to learn how to be self-contained. We have to beat this virus, we have to entertain ourselves, be it First Take, be it Get Up, be it Amazon, Netflix, just do it. Please, so that we can get out and enjoy the world. As we have for years.”

Flair reminds fans to keep everything in perspective as people aren’t just looking out for themselves, but others and thanks all the workers in the medical field for literally putting their lives on the line.

“If you’re not doing it for yourself, do it for your family. Do it for other people that are lucky enough to be alive. Thank you the doctors, the nurses and everybody for all you do – the first responders.”

Flair closes his chat out by joking about his previous four marriages, but knowing that he’s found happiness in his home with Wendy and encourages everyone to follow suit in such an important time.

“In the old days, they had an electric fence for me to keep me from wandering! Right now, I am right here and I’m happy. I have found happiness in my home and that’s what everybody needs to do.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Watch the entire video of Wendy & Ric Flair below: