AEW Dynamite Results (3/25/2020)

Brodie Lee vs. QT Marshall

A dominating performance by the former Luke Harper. Lots of high offense including a Brain Buster and a tope. a Discus Lariat puts QT away.

WINNER: Brodie Lee

Vanguard One provided an update on Nick Jackson. It appears The Young Buck is at 61%

AAA Mega Championship: Sammy Guevara vs. Kenny Omega

A great three-segment matchup that featured everything from Sammy Guevara making out with a hand-drawn poster of Brandi Rhodes. Brandi Rhodes would eventually slap him later on in the matchup.

Kenny Omega would eventually win with the One-Winged Angel after several vicious V-Triggers.


Chris Jericho came out to confront Matt Hardy. Vanguard 1 came out to confront Chris and Jericho offered the Drone a spot in the Inner Circle faction.

Matt Hardy appeared with a teleportation effect. Oh, the fun things you can do in an empty arena. Matt hits the ring.

“Maker of Pain, you knew I’d come.” Matt Hardy began. Jericho calls him very impressive. Matt says he joined with The Elite because he is repaying a debt. Chris Jericho says he is the one that can resurrect Matt Hardy’s career. Jericho says it’s his show and offers Matt Hardy a spot in his team. Matt Hardy declines and Matt takes Jericho down with a single punch. Sammy comes to save Jericho and that leads Kenny and Cody to leave commentary to save Matt Hardy. The Show Goes off the air with Matt Hardy controlling the Pyro in the arena to scare away Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara.

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