Drew McIntyre On The Magnitude Of Potentially Becoming First British WWE Champion In History

Drew McIntyre

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

In the entire history of WWE, there has never been a British-born WWE Champion. At WrestleMania 36, Drew McIntyre has the chance to change that. Speaking with SuperSport, Drew McIntyre spoke about the significance of this moment and how he hopes to create something that people will feel on a deeper level than just wrestling.

“I don’t think there are quite the words for it,” he began. “I had visions for how it would go in that stadium…but right now, looking at the bigger picture, the fact that I’ve got the opportunity to fight for the WWE Title, after an 18-year journey, against Brock Lesnar, in the main event at WrestleMania… This can be a moment of escape for everybody… Becoming the WWE Champion finally after 19 years, becoming the first British Champion, hopefully, will make people feel something on a deeper level and that is very important to me too.”

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