IMPACT Wrestling Results (3/24/20)

Sami Callihan hacks the IMPACT feed. Callihan says his attack of Ken Shamrock was part of a bigger plan. Callihan has a plan for taking over everything. Shamrock’s blood will be on IMPACT Management’s hands.

Old School Rules Match: Madman Fulton and Dave Crist vs. Rhino and Sabu w/Super Genie

Sabu takes down Crist. Crist and Sabu trade strikes. Rhino tags in as Fulton tags in. Fulton drives Rhino into the corner. Rhino lands a chop before landing a shoulder tackle. Rhino clotheslines Fulton over the top rope. Sabu dumps Crist over the top. Fulton catches Crist. Sabu hits a baseball slide that knocks over Fulton and Crist. All four men fight outside the ring. Fulton and Crist isolate Sabu. Rhino gets the hot tag and clears the ring. Sabu grabs a chair and hits Fulton. Sabu lands a triple jump splash to the outside. Crist low blows Rhino and pushes the referee. Crist grabs a chair. The referee takes it away. Crist takes a swing at the referee but misses. Rhino Gores Crist for the win.

Winners- Rhino and Sabu

Backstage we see Su Yung enter the undead realm.

Young finds Havok and Father James Mitchell. Mitchell says it’s a shame Young and Havok couldn’t get along because now one of them has to go. Yung pulls out a machete. Havok grabs a weapon. A warner comes on the screen that says what happened next was too graphic to show and can be seen on the IMPACT Youtube channel. When the screen clears, the Undead Bridesmaids are holding Yung and Havok down. Mitchell is banishing them both to the deepest depth of the undead realm. Yung and Havok wake up in what looks to be a desert.

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