IMPACT Wrestling Results (3/24/20)

Backstage, Dave and Jake Crist argue about Sami Callihan’s intentions. Dave this Callihan has abandoned them. Jake says everything Callihan does is for a reason.

Moose vs. Chase Stevens

Moose goes nuts and attacks Stevens with a chair. Moose wraps a chair around Stevens’ neck. Scott D’Amore walks out and distracts Moose long enough for Suicide to hit the ring to make the save.

Winner- Chase Stevens

Rosemary is at a bar complaining about spending two years trying to exact revenge. Raven is sitting at the same bar. Raven mocks her two years. Raven says two years is nothing his feud with Dreamer has lasted twenty. He doesn’t even know why anymore. Revenge should go on forever. Rosemary disappears and Raven says he should have been a psychologist.

Reno Scum vs. The Rascalz

Reno Scum takes an early advantage after a sneak attack before the bell rings. The Rascalz rally late but Dez is eventually pinned after an assisted flying knee off the top by Thornestowe.

Winners- Reno Scum

Su Yung is shown carrying a dagger backstage.

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