Big E Apologizes For Punting Hornswoggle, Mojo Rawley Shaken Up To SmackDown

Big E Apologizes For Punting Hornswoggle

In a clip from the latest episode of The New Day: Feel The Power, Big E talked about the time he took physical revenge on Hornswoggle for his transgressions. Calling WWE’s favorite leprechaun an a$$hole,  Mr. Langston recalled when he had enough of Hornswoggle poking and prodding him. Saying that he had more angst in his younger days, the very large wrestler described “push kicking” the little person without warning on their way into the arena.

Big E then took the opportunity to publicly apologize for the incident, although he also claims that Hornswoggle was also in the wrong and that it felt good to kick him.

Mojo Rawley Shaken Up To SmackDown

PWInsider spotted on that Mojo Rawley has quietly been moved from the RAW roster over to SmackDown, where he’ll be working with Rob Gronkowski. Mojo was previously involved in the 24/7 title picture with Riddick Moss and R-Truth, and you can infer that talks with Gronk may have aborted whatever ideas the RAW team had for Moss and Mojo in the spot. This is also likely a permanent change and thankfully not a return to the days of the Wild Card rule.

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