MJF Once Serenaded With Some Sugar Ray In An A Capella Group (Video)


You know, “Every Morning” I take to this website to break some wrestling news and who knew that “Someday” I’d be writing about MJF singing some late 90’s jams in his high school a capella group? Today is that day.

He may be called “The Salt Of The Earth,” but that doesn’t mean Maxell Jacob Friedman is against some “sugar,” particularly when it is followed up by “Ray.”

Back in 2013, MJF was in his high school’s all dude acapela group and laid some lyrics down from the artful hand of one Mark McGrath. The group, “Acafellas,”  also sings Queen and Macklemore. Take a gander of all its glory below as it certainly eclipses any “Sunshine” nonsense:

And if you for one second thought that MJF is embarrassed by any of this, you best think again. MJF made the world know that this versatility made him a viral sensation amongst the ladies of Plainview, NY.

“Only Plainview JFK graduate to be:

  • All State in football (middle linebacker)
  • choir(tenor 2)
  • And a manager of an Accapella group (Accafellas)

I’m literally perfect. In high school I pulled more tail than a kid at a petting zoo(nothings changed) #Betterthanyou

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