The Undertaker And Michelle McCool Call For Fans To Save The Tigers

In a surreal video posted to the web today, married WWE Legends The Undertaker and Michelle McCool sit in their pool next to a somewhat perturbed looking tiger espousing the need to preserve these majestic creatures. The pair are teaming with the Rare Species Fund and Myrtle Beach Safari to help preserve the jungle cats for future generations.

Near the end of the video, after listing what tigers need to survive, The Undertaker adopts a bit of his wrestling persona for the cause. “If we don’t save the tigers, no one will Rest In Peace.”

The Undertaker has been rather busy in non-WWE appearances in the past few months. In addition to his tiger activism, the performer has appeared in a promotion with famous streamer Dr. Disrespect as a malevolent force interrupting his Overwatch matches.

It’s unclear if Dr. Disrespect’s disrespect of the general tiger population was the cause of his attack, but we here at WrestleZone are investigating the possible connection.

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