Baron Corbin: In An Empty Arena, I’m Most Nervous About The Entrance

Speaking on the After The Bell podcast, WWE’s resident king talked about how nervous he was to perform without an audience in WWE’s recent empty arena broadcasts. “I’ve been trying to wrap my head around it, trying to figure out how to do things, how to make it interesting.” In Baron Corbin’s case, he thrives off the energy of fans wanting him to fail, so his performances will no doubt be affected. “Everything hurts a little less because your adrenaline’s up. Now, you’re not going to have that reaction.”

Nowhere will this be more clear than in Baron’s entrance, and he says that may make him the most nervous. “The second my music hits, everybody in that building is booing… I’m getting that instant reaction. These people are here to have a good time, they’re ready to have fun. The fear everybody has is that there’s no reaction and now we know for a fact that there will be no reaction to what we’re doing.”

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