AEW Dynamite Results (3/18/2020)

AEW Dynamite Results

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The show opens up with Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and Matt Jackson addressing the current unique circumstances.

Cody Rhodes says he refuses to live in fear and that we as a society must stand together even if that means at a distance. Kenny Omega says the world is crumbling around them and he isn’t sure if there will even be a Dynamite next week. Matt Jackson says he needs to know if Adam Page is going to be on their side come Blood & Guts. Adam Page comes out to an empty arena and doesn’t give Matt a straightforward answer before leaving.

Kenny Omega says regardless of what happens if this is the end for them he wants to go out as they came in, as The Elite. Kenny Omega says people need entertainment at this time and demands that they turn on the lights and the pyro and the stage crew acquiesces.

Lucha Bros vs. Best Friends

Orange Cassidy is on commentary. Tony Schiavone is not, instead, he is shown talking to MJF in the audience. This episode will have wrestlers in the crowd substituting for an actual audience.

Standard action but with Colt Cabana and the audience starting to chant typical crowd chants. Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Shawn Spears are betting on the action. There was a fun moment in the match where the best friends went for their typical hug but touch elbows instead and Excaliber acknowledged that they were practicing social distancing. ultimately, the Lucha Brothers got the win with their double stomp/Package Piledriver finisher.

WINNER: Lucha Brothers

After the match, Best Friends challenge the Lucha Brothers to meet them next week in the parking lot.

Hikaru Shida vs. Riho vs. Penelope Ford vs. Kris Statlander

Back and forth match that lets all the ladies shine. There was a lot of focus of Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian. Fabian would try to help and get dropkick by Rio and also accidentally elbowed by Penelope. In the home stretch, Ford tries for a handspring cutter, Shida counters. Shida with a falcon arrow but only gets a two. Shida wins with a running knee on Ford.

WINNER: Hikaru Shida

Jurrasic Express vs. Butcher & Blade

No Allie tonight. MJF, who is still betting with Spears, tried to pay off his hitmen to get the win here. Lots of emphasis on Luchasaurus. Jurassic Express will end up winning with the reverse flapjack, cutter combo. Wonky finish as Jungle Boy goes for a suicide dive but there’s nobody standing to catch him so he has to just stop and stomp on Andy Williams.

WINNER: Jurrasic Express.

The Dark Order came out to reveal The Exalted One. Christopher Daniels challenged them on the existence of the exalted one but a vignette would appear revealing that man to be Brody Lee, the former Luke Harper of WWE.

The Inner Circle vs. The Elite

With Chris Jericho on commentary, Jake Hager and Proud N’ Powerful were able to isolate Cody Rhodes amid the problems between Matt Jackson and Adam Page. there was a brief moment where Cody Rhodes appeared to have taken control but Maxwell Jacob Friedman would get involved leading to Wardlow choking Cody and Arn Anderson having to come and save him. Page and Jackson got on the same page for a brief moment but before they could complete the Indytaker, Jake Hager pulled Adam to the floor allowing Santana to roll up. Jackson for the victory.

WINNER: Inner Circle.

After the match, Chris Jericho was bragging about having the man Advantage going into Blood & Guts, but they would have the numbers Advantage because Nick Jackson has been pulled from the match due to injury. Suddenly, Vanguard 1 appears and Matt Jackson announces that Matt Hardy will be joining The Elite inside Blood & Guts. Matt Hardy is officially #AllElite.


Some notes for perspective: having the wrestlers in the audience made for a much more enjoyable show tell me recent silent WWE shows. everybody was very clear to say “next Dynamite.” Therefore, it seems as though there may not be a new episode of television next week.

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