Daniel Bryan Talks Wardrobe Malfunction At Elimination Chamber

daniel bryan

Photo by Shivam Saxena/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Daniel Bryan gave fans quite the show at WWE Elimination Chamber. Not only did he have a great match with Drew Gulak, but fans got to see a balls-y performance from him. Jokes aside, Bryan talked about the wardrobe malfunction on the latest episode of The Bellas Podcast.

Check out highlights below:

Transcription by Wrestlezone.com Senior Editor Tyler Treese.

On Nikki Bella feeling embarrassed and bad for him:

It’s really interesting because that’s the reaction that women have and I think it’s because whenever it happens to women it gets overly sexualized. “Ooh I saw this.” I didn’t even find out about it because when I went backstage, mostly people were either saying, “Whoa, that was great,” or they were concerned for my neck. Not a single person mentioned it to me. I went to sleep not knowing it was a thing.

On his Elimination Chamber wardrobe malfunction:

I didn’t feel anything. That’s a sensitive area. You’d think you’d feel a breeze! … I’m the worst texter. I never get back, so people have stopped sending texts to me. So, when I get two text messages saying, “Dude, I saw your balls.” I was like what? My first reaction was a little embarrassment but then I just thought it was funny.

Bryan later jokes that he might become “the face of balls becoming sexy.”

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