John Cena Pays For A Retired Vietnam Veteran’s Groceries

John Cena

Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

John Cena does a good deed.

A Reddit user recently posted a photo of Cena and their uncle, a Vietnam veteran spotted in a U.S. Navy SeaBees cap in the photo. The poster wrote that Cena had picked up the tab for the man’s groceries and took a selfie with him, and thanked him for his service.

According to a new update from ETOnline (via WWE), the man in the photo with Cena is Charles “Bud” Phillips, a Vietnam vet and a widow. According to his daughter, Phillips didn’t realize who Cena was until later but the interaction and act of kindness was a welcomed surprise.

“He’s a stay-home, cook-from-scratch kind of guy. He loves to cook,” Phillips’ daughter added. “So, going to the grocery store to gather ingredients is his get-outta-the-house event these days.”

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