Scott Steiner Talks His Collapse During Recent IMPACT Event; Does Steiner Math On ‘Getting Out Of Bed & Winning’

Scott Steiner

Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

You can’t keep Scott Steiner down. Before mass gatherings became a concern, Steiner made his debut at a New Era Wrestling event in Jasper, Alabama and addressed the fans on his scary situation that occurred over the previous weekend in which he collapsed at an IMPACT Wrestling taping.

“Everybody heard what happened last week. A lot of people came to me and said they were praying for me and gave me best wishes and I appreciate that. I tell you what. It happened on Friday night and I actually do not remember walking to the ring, talking, walking back to the ring, collapsing. I don’t remember Friday night, I don’t remember Saturday night.” Steiner also thanked his wife for being so supportive during such a difficult time for him before having a little fun with coming out on the healthy side of the coin.

“As I was sitting in the hospital bed, the doctor came up to me and said ‘the procedure that happened to you, normally you only have 80 percent chance of winning…of getting out of the bed…of living’ I said doc, every time I step in the ring I have a 140 and two-thirds chance of winning. What do you think my chances are of jumping out of this bed? So this goes to all my freaks in Jasper, Alabama. Big Poppa Pump is your hookup! Holla if you hear me!” (h/t to Wrestling News Co for transcription)

Check out the entire show below. The Steiner segment begins at the 7:14 mark:

Scott Steiner debuts in New Era Wrestling!

He was scheduled to team with Cody Windham and Jonny Rage to take on Greg Dotson, Victor Vences and a mystery partner. But a recent health scare has Steiner sidelined to ringside.

Filmed on March 14, 2020 at Bevill State Community College in Jasper, AL.