Mance Warner Attacked By The Dynasty At The Pay Window, CONTRA Hacks MLW Social Media Accounts

Mance Warner

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Mance Warner Attacked By The Dynasty At The Pay Window

Mance Warner is all about that pay window and with a victory this past Saturday against Gino Medina in Philadelphia, The Bucksnort Brawler was headed just there to pick up that paycheck. According to the MLW website, The Dynasty had other plans as the left Mancer laying at the 2300 Arena. Due to this, Warner won’t be able to compete next week, but word is that he has a mystery man subbing in for him.

There was an incident in the backstage area of the 2300 Arena after MLW Fusion went off the air this week.

After defeating Gino Medina in Gino’s first loss in MLW (WATCH), Mance Warner was assaulted at the pay window while receiving his money for winning the bout.

Eyewitnesses on hand claim MJF, who had not been seen at the arena, reportedly hit Mancer in the back of the head with an extra crowd barricade that was being stored by the loading docks.

Warner didn’t see it coming and went down, hitting his head a second time on the concrete. Security quickly stepped in to break up the altercation but the damage was done.

MLW physician Dr. Sweglar examined Mance Warner and diagnosed him with a concussion, putting him out of action for an undisclosed period of time.

Despite Sweglar’s diagnosis, Mancer has demanded a one-on-one fight match with MJF. That bout remains in flux due to Mance’s health.

In the meantime, the league has banned MJF from the building this coming week on Fusion where fellow Dynasty elitist Richard Holliday will fight Mance Warner’s mystery man.

The league also fined MJF $10,000… which MJF promptly paid with a rude message left for Warner in the memo line on the check.

While the Bucksnort brawler is unable to compete, Warner has confirmed he will be in the corner of his mystery man as he takes on Holliday this weekend on Fusion.

CONTRA Hacks MLW Social Media Accounts

In other MLW news, the rogue CONTRA Unit has dabbled in some devious digital work as they hacked into MLW’s official social media accounts. Most of the infiltrated content has been removed by the company, but you can read the write up by the website below.

Major League Wrestling took action this morning against CONTRA Unit after the group allegedly hacked MLW’s social media accounts.

Using malicious software that enabled the self-proclaimed “crusaders of violence” to spread vile propaganda, CONTRA Unit hijacked MLW’s Twitter and Instagram for at least 3 hours.

The hack comes on the heels of CONTRA’s ominous message on this week’s FUSION (watch) where they claimed the group had infiltrated MLW at every level.