Steve Austin Celebrates 3/16 Day, Shares a Beer With Becky Lynch

Steve Austin

Photo Credit: WWE

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin returned to WWE RAW this week to celebrate “3/16 Day.” The WWE Hall of Famer came to the WWE Performance Center where there weren’t any fans. Despite the absence of an audience, Austin still celebrated with some beer. “I blew myself up on my entrance,” Austin said when he got a microphone. Stone Cold declared that 3/16 Day is a national holiday. He asked the empty arena for a hell yeah and Byron Saxton gave him one. Austin asked him, “What?” and Saxton gave him another “Hell yeah.” Austin read off some cue cards that described what 3/16 Day is. Saxton gave Austin a six out of ten for one definition of 3/16 Day. “3/16 Day is a day where you don’t give a damn and happy hour is 24 hours long.” Saxton continued to score Austin like a talent show judge.

Austin said four-letter words are always acceptable on 3/16 Day and Saxton gave him a five. Stone Cold invited Saxton to join him in the ring so they could share a beer. Austin gave Saxton a beer and dropped him with a Stunner. Becky Lynch came to the ring, stepped on Saxton and shared some beer with Austin. Stone Cold then dropped Saxton with another Stunner.

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