WrestleCon Cancelled Following WrestleMania Announcement; Marriott Hotel States Bochicchio Will Owe Over $100K For ‘Liquidated Damages’

WrestleCon 2020

WrestleMania announcing that it will take place at the WWE Performance Center instead of of Raymond James Stadium caused WrestleCon to make the difficult decision to cancel their major event scheduled for the same weekend.

WrestleCon owner Michael Bochicchio took to Twitter to share the following after addressing a fan’s best wishes, saying that WrestleMania relocating put the event in a bad position with the Marriott Hotel. Bochicchio posted the response he get he received from the Marriott after discussing financial matters regarding the situation. The Marriott responded stating that Highspots is on the hook for $114,202.00:

I sincerely appreciate your communication today regarding your client, Highspots / WrestleCon 2020 cancellation due to the “Impossibility clause” of our agreement.

We are respectfully in disagreement with your client’s position. It is neither illegal nor impossible for “WrestleCon 2020” to occur as previously agreed.

I further add that Marriott International’s Cancellation and Refund Policy extends exclusion for groups booked during periods with special events restrictions or peak demands.

WrestleCon 2020 is a special event booked over heavy demand dates. Since our hotel is prepared to perform as agreed, your client’s cancellation will cause damages to the hotels.

The liquidated damages due the hotel is 80% of total revenue owed hotel or $144,202.00

Bochicchio followed up with customers on Twitter, stating that all tickets will be refunded within 7 days.

Refunds for all tickets sold by Wrestlecon will be issued in the next 7 days. Thank you for your patience, see you in Los Angeles

Bochicchio previously stated how badly a full cancellation of WrestleCon in Tampa Bay would affect his personal living situation. “I’m not kidding, if this is a full cancellation, I’ll likely sell my house. You can put it on the record, it’s true,”  he stated.

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