The Revival Hasn’t Been Paid By WWE In Four Weeks

the revival dash wilder

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

The Revival has been sitting home, and now we have more details about the team not being paid by WWE during their absence.

Last night, Fightful reported that not only was the team pulled from the road but their pay has been impacted as well. According to the report, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder’s pay was either ‘extremely scaled back’ due to exceeding their downside guarantee, or they weren’t being paid at all.

Wrestlezone has since confirmed that The Revival has not only gone unpaid since being sent home but they haven’t received any pay in about four weeks. The team hasn’t been on TV since January 31, and last worked a match during a live event on March 1. It was also noted by a source that their pay will further be affected due to house show loops being cancelled, so they won’t see any income from those either.

According to Fightful, The Revival have asked for their release several times in the past two years and have wanted to make an “amicable” split from WWE. Scott Dawson’s contract was originally set to expire in early April, with Dash Wilder’s set to expire ten weeks later due to time being added on due to his jaw injury.

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