WWE Behind The Scenes Notes About Empty Arena Shows, Plans For WrestleMania


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The ongoing spread of the coronavirus has led to some unique times for WWE, as evidenced by last week’s empty arena SmackDown show. With RAW looking to repeat what happened on SmackDown, it seems that WWE is looking to figure out how best to present their product in the weeks ahead. Fightful is reporting some backstage notes from the taping, which reveal the way WWE is thinking about these shows.

Firstly, we know that Triple H wasn’t meant to be all over Friday’s broadcast, but the positive reaction he got via social media caused WWE to reconsider replacing him with other guest stars. We also know that SmackDown was a “feeling out process” and that tonight’s show will differ greatly from what was presented there.

There’s also the video of what happened during the commercial of the women’s match, which shows the participants standing around. You can also hear Triple H commenting on the wrestlers playing to a nonexistant crowd rather than the cameras. If all that gets to the talent tonight, we’ll be in for a much less awkward night.

In other backstage news, reliable WWE source WrestleVotes has shared some of the feelings for WWE plans to do about WrestleMania. They state that holding it in an empty stadium or other venue is Vince’s least favorite option. Even relocating it to the Performance Center has very little support. The leading idea is to delay until later in the year, but that would be a great hardship on the company.

As time goes on and more of society bends around this pandemic, WrestleZone will keep updating on how WWE will adapt to the new normal.

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