Joe Koff On Marty Scurll’s Promotion, The NWA And More

Joe Koff - Ring Of Honor

Photo Credit: Ring Of Honor

Ring of Honor chief operating office Joe Koff recently spoke with Fightful and discussed several topics, including Marty Scurll’s promotion, the company’s relationship with the National Wrestling Alliance and more. Here are some highlights.

On why there’s been less integration as a result of the company’s partnership with New Japan Pro-Wrestling:

Koff: “I think that we’re seeing perhaps is that there’s New Japan, Japan the promotion we primarily work with, and then there’s New Japan America. And New Japan America over the last set of months, beginning pretty much in the back half of last year, was starting to set up their American territories and starting to do some shows on their own independent of us. They shared some talent that we’ve always shared but, for the most part, it was their American guys that were wrestling these shows. We love our relationship with New Japan and, as you’re seeing at Supercard, it’s right back there so, pending no travel restrictions, I think it’s gonna be a fantastic show.”

On Marty Scurll’s new contract with the company:

Koff: “We don’t take it lightly and we’re very very excited to have Marty but, you know, I think it really comes down to who we are and who he is. You know, there’s no doubt that Marty’s a big part of our plans moving forward. He not only brings us that creative stimulation but I think he believes in Ring of Honor, he likes what we’re doing, he knows what we stand for, he represents that brand and it’s his opportunity to say to the fans and say to his fellow workers that Ring of Honor is relevant, Ring of Honor is still present, Ring of Honor is authentic and I wanna be part of it.”

On the company’s relationship with NWA:

Koff: “It’s very collaborative. We have very good relationships with a promotion like the NWA and we’ve worked with them in the past and they like to work certain programs. And we believe that it benefits both promotions to share the talent in certain storylines that make sense for both parties. And as long as that exists, I think there will always be an open attitude towards doing things like that.”

The full interview excerpt is available below:

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