Bullet Club Beach Party Added To Growing List Of Coronavirus Cancellations

With WrestleMania still on the books officially despite the global Coronavirus pandemic, indie promotions running shows around the event need to make hard choices on when and if they’re going to cancel or postpone their festivities. For Tama Tonga and the Bullet Club, it was time to take action. After careful consideration, the Bullet Club Beach Party that was scheduled for Apr. 4 in Tampa is officially cancelled.

In a statement released on Twitter, Tama Tonga reiterated that the health of their guests was above all else. Despite investing hundreds of hours and a lot of cash into the project, it makes no sense to run the event amidst a global pandemic.

This is a very fluid situation and given the recency of the global changes that are still ongoing, we are working to get everything aligned to provide you with the refunds on all tickets and meet and greet purchases. We are a small team, so please bear with us, as it may take us a few days to get situated and prepare for the massive undertaking.

Tama Tonga also declares that he fully intends on putting on an event in the calendar year 2020, but we’ll have to wait and see how global conditions fare over the coming days and weeks.

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