KENTA And Tomohiro Ishii Signed For ROH/NJPW Wars Of The Worlds Tour

KENTA Tomohiro Ishii War of the Worlds

Photo: ROH Wrestling

Two of New Japan’s best are proving that the relationship between ROH and NJPW is as strong as ever. Both KENTA and Tomohiro Ishii will wrestle on the upcoming War of the Worlds tour, a joint venture between Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling that’s scheduled to take place over four days in early May.

Both of these Japanese veterans have a history in Ring of Honor. KENTA, a longtime competitor in Pro Wrestling NOAH, recently returned to Japan under the NJPW banner after a stint in WWE/NXT as Hideo Itami. Performing in ROH in the latter half of the 2000s, KENTA had amazing encounters with Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, and Austin Aries.

Tomohiro Ishii has one up on KENTA, actually having won ROH’s Television Championship back in 2016. He has also won gold thanks to NJPW’s relationship with RevPro, securing their British Heavyweight Championship on two occasions. Can this journeyman capture glory yet again in an ROH ring?

The War of the Worlds tour is set to kick off in Buffalo, New York on May 6 and run through May 10 in Villa Park, Illinois. KENTA and Ishii are signed for all four shows, and there are likely many more exciting talent announcements to come.

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