Ortiz Is Anything But Concerned About Cody, The Librarians Hunt For The Exalted Truth

Ortiz Is Anything But Concerned About Cody

Tonight on Dynamite, Ortiz takes on Cody in a one on one encounter, a rarity for the tag team specialist. Still, talking with Alex Marvez after last week’s show, Ortiz was more concerned about finishing off his fried chicken than he was taking on the man who couldn’t get the job done against Chirs Jericho and MJF.

The Librarians Hunt For The Exalted Truth

Evil Uno has declared that The Dark Order’s Exalted One is closer than ever, teasing that the faction leader could appear as early as tonight on Dynamite. Whether it ends up being Matt Hardy, Lance Archer, Brodie Lee, Raven or The Yeti, it’s clear that the mysterious entity’s influence is infecting All Elite Wrestling.

The Librarians think they have a clue as to the identity of The Exalted One, as you can see in this crime show parody video put out by AEW proper earlier today.

Will we see more from the bookish pair tonight? Will they solve the mystery? Will Ice-T show up to tie them into the Law and Order multiverse? We’ve only got a few hours to wait before Dynamite answers some of these questions.

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