GCW Remains Committed To Hosting The Collective In Tampa Despite Coronavirus Concerns

Collective GCW

GCW has issued a statement regarding the status of their Collective shows, a group of wrestling events currently scheduled for the week of WrestleMania in Tampa. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the status of all public events is up in the air, but WWE has not canceled their plans for their biggest show of the year as of now. Likewise, GCW remains committed to running their schedule if they are able.

The Collective and all its partners are committed to following through with our scheduled events as planned. This plan remains in effect regardless of any announcements in relation to the WWE and their scheduled events in the coming days or weeks.

If circumstances change, then we will adjust accordingly and notify everyone as soon as possible.

The statement goes on to say that they’ll do everything in their power to make the Cuban Club a safe environment and that they believe that the show moving forward is “the right thing to do.”

We are ready to carry the torch in uncertain times and lead the way for our performers and our fans until someone says we can’t. We are all in this together. See you in Tampa.

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