ROH Wrestling Results (3/9/20): Nick Aldis & RUSH vs. PCO & Marty Scurll

Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll & PCO) vs. Nick Aldis & RUSH (Replayed From ROH Free Enterprise)

PCO and RUSH start the match and trade stiff blows. A dropkick to the back rocks PCO. Scurll tags in and double-teams RUSH with PCO. Aldis tags in and trades technical holds with the Villain. Scurll drops Aldis with arm drags. He rocks the National Treasure with a kick. Aldis dodges a diving PCO, who crashes onto the apron. The French Frankenstein comes back to life and trades blows with Aldis. RUSH tosses PCO into the barricade and chokes him with a camera cord.

Aldis and RUSH isolate PCO. RUSH strikes a pose and the National Treasure slams PCO. Scurll tags in and rocks Aldis with some strikes. Aldis avoids the Chickenwing and slams Scurll. Scurll plants RUSH with a tornado DDT. Aldis and PCO tag in and the French Frankenstein clotheslines RUSH and spears him. Scurll fires up PCO, who dives onto Aldis and RUSH outside the ring. Aldis drops Scurll with a Tombstone but the Villain superplexes him. PCO dives off Scurll’s shoulders and hits a senton on Aldis.

RUSH and Aldis double-team PCO. Aldis accidentally hits RUSH with a diving elbow and they argue. RUSH walks out on Aldis and Aldis tries to hit PCO with his title. Scurll distrcts Aldis and PCO chokeslams him. PCO pins Aldis with a PCO-sault.

Winners: Marty Scurll & PCO

After the match, Scurll says he’ll pay Aldis half a million dollars if the National Treasure wins their eventual match. Scurll says PCO will face Aldis at ROH Supercard of Honor XIV.

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