AEW Animates An Epic Promo, Steve Kerin Describes Sitting Under The Ring As Doink

Steve Kerin Describes Sitting Under The Ring As Doink

In a fun tangent cut out of “A Future WWE: The FCW Story”, FCW President Steve Kerin describes what it was like to appear from under the ring as Doink the Clown at WrestleMania IX. WWE set up the second clown with a chair and a monitor to watch the show since he had to be under there for five hours before his match began. After the bout, Steve would return under the ring, saying that  Yokozuna’s massive stomps almost took his hearing.

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AEW Animates An Epic Promo

When you think of the metaphorical Wednesday Night Wars, WWE is always portrayed as the corporate-backed promotion with all the cash. However, AEW does have some friends in high places, as TNT is one part of a huge organization giving them their backing. We’ve seen Rick and Morty stop by Dynamite, and now AEW have a uniquely Adult Swim-esque commercial that brings one of the show’s most memorable moments to the world of cartoons. Be sure to watch till the end!