The Miz and John Morrison Retain Titles In SmackDown Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Johnny Impact

Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

At WWE Elimination Chamber, John Morrison and The Miz defended the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship in an Elimination Chamber Match. The New Day, Lucha House Party, Heavy Machinery, the Usos and Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler also competed in the match. The New Day and the Usos started the match. Big E briefly gained the upper hand and stopped the Usos from double-teaming Kingston.

Lucha House Party entered the match and took down the New Day with springboard dives. Lince Dorado dropped Jey Uso with a springboard stunner. Lucha House Party hit several dives on Jimmy Uso but Jey Uso broke up the pin. Big E launched Kingston into Lucha House Party. Lince Dorado fell while he climbed the wall but he found his way to the top of a pod. Kingston and Dorado fought on top of the pod. Dorado dove off the pod onto the Usos and Metalik dove off onto the New Day.

The Miz and Morrison entered the match and took control. They double-teamed Dorado and Morrison blasted Metalik with a spinning kick. The champions dropped Jey Uso with a double DDT. Metalik rallied and hit a hurricanrana from the top of the pod for a near fall. Kingston took control and hit the Boom Drop on Miz. He countered Trouble in Paradise and got a near fall after Morrison blasted Kingston with a kick.

Heavy Machinery entered the match and trucked over their opponents. They squashed the Usos against the wall of the Chamber. They also sandwiched Big E. Otis hit him with the Caterpillar and the match broke into a brawl. Dorado dove from the top of the chamber onto most of the competitors. Heavy Machinery hit the Trash Compactor on Metalik to eliminate Lucha House Party. Roode & Ziggler entered the match and ganged up on Heavy Machinery.

Tucker and Ziggler battled on top of a pod and Otis bounced Ziggler off the ropes. Tucker dove off a pod onto several competitors. Roode and Ziggler ganged up on Otis, who rallied and tried to drive Ziggler through a pod. But Ziggler moved and sent Otis crashing through the pod and to the floor below. Medical officials checked on Otis. Tucker persevered and tried to fight Roode and Ziggler by himself. Roode dropped Tucker with a Glorious DDT to eliminate Heavy Machinery.

Big E dropped Roode with Big Ending and the Usos hit double splashes on Roode and Ziggler to eliminate them. The New Day squared off with the Usos. Miz and Morrison eliminated the New Day after Kingston missed a crossbody off a pod. The Usos superkicked the champions. Miz dodged a double-team and hit Jimmy Uso with Skull Crushing Finale for a near fall. Miz locked in a Figure-4 and Morrison hit Starship Pain for a two count. Jey dropped both Miz and Morrison with superkicks. Morrison and Miz teamed up to pin Jey Uso to win the match.

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