Andrade Cheats To Retain United States Championship Against Humberto Carrillo At WWE Elimination Chamber


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

At WWE Elimination Chamber, Andrade defended his WWE United States Championship against Humberto Carrillo. Both stars have been involved in a heated rivalry for a few months. Andrade hit his stiff back elbow as soon as the match started. Carrillo gained the upper hand and hit a diving headbutt. A running kick rocked Carrillo, and Andrade struck a pose. Andrade grounded Carrillo and slammed him into the ring post. The champion continued to dominate, but Carrillo rallied and dropped Andrade with a springboard kick. Andrade drove Carrillo head-first into the turnbuckle.

A hurricanrana off the top rope earned Carrillo a two count. Andrade countered a moonsault and tossed Carrillo into the turnbuckle again. Zelina Vega pulled up one of the ringside mats, and Andrade planned to use it. But Carrillo reversed a Hammerlock DDT and hit a back body drop onto the floor. A dive to the outside gave Carrillo even more momentum. Andrade rolled through a crossbody and got a near fall. Andrade reversed a pin attempt into one of his own and pulled Carrillo’s tights to ensure he got the three count.

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