Samoa Joe Wants To Wrestle Undertaker, But Believes That Box Won’t Be Checked

samoa joe

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Samoa Joe vs. The Deadman would indeed be a headline on any pro wrestling card, but is it in the cards? Joe would like it, but he’s not holding out hope.

Samoa Joe spoke with SportBible earlier this week regarding the possibility of facing “The Phenom,” stating that he appreciates the work and legacy of The Undertaker.

“Absolutely. You know, I think the things that especially now that I appreciate about ‘Taker’s work are much more on display now than they probably ever have been.”

“And yeah, I would be down to get down with ‘Taker, whether it would be now or whenever in the future,” said Joe.

Despite that desire, Joe really doesn’t believe the stars could align for it to happen between the two.

“And for the timing not to match up where me and the ‘Deadman’ could have crossed one another in the ring and got down, it’s probably one of the unfortunate checks that I won’t be able to mark off my bucket list.”

Would you like to see Samoa Joe square off against The Undertaker at some point before Taker finally hangs up the hat? Sound off in the comments section below.

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