Despite Prior Reports, Free Agent Matt Hardy Will ‘100%’ Be At Big Event NY

Don’t believe the hype—Matt Hardy is still coming to the Big Event this weekend.

Hardy’s status for the event was in question after Dave Meltzer had said on Thursday’s Wrestling Observer Radio show that Hardy was being removed from the Big Event lineup. According to Meltzer, there was some kind of rule preventing AEW and WWE talents from being booked at the same event, and Hardy was seen as being an ‘AEW guy’ after The Young Bucks appeared on his YouTube show this week.

Hardy and his vendor for the appearance had already stated he was appearing at the show but Hardy has once again taken to social media to assure fans that he will be at the convention.

It was originally stated on WOR that Hardy was being replaced by Terry Funk, but Funk was already scheduled to appear this weekend.

Hardy announced on Monday that he was officially a free agent after he allowed his WWE contract to expire. He said he’d be watching the entire wrestling world for his next move—even saying he wasn’t ruling out a return to WWE—but the AEW was even stronger this week after the “Bucks Of Youth” appeared in this week’s new episode of Free The Delete.

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