Bruce Campbell Responds To Fans Wanting CM Punk As Ash Williams

Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Straight Edge Savior and former wrestler CM Punk has taken to a new career in recent times, that of a horror movie star. After starring in The Girl on the Third Floor, he’s recently wrapped work on a second production. Fans of his from his wrestling days think that this sets him up perfectly to replace Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams in the new Evil Dead film that’s currently in production.

After reports started circulating, The Groovy One himself tweeted out a message saying that there may be another “Ash” waiting in the wings.

You know what? CM Punk is great! He should play a guy in a horror series named Nash, or Bash, or Lash. With all due respect, the name Ash is, like the best table at a restaurant, reserved.

Punk himself has not responded to the reports or Bruce’s tweet, instead preferring to tweet about sports and his time at C2E2 this past weekend.

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