MJF Flips Off 7-Year Old Child At C2E2, Says ‘F**k Them Kids’


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

MJF has one message for families hoping to get his autograph: “F**k them kids.”

That’s the statement the All Elite Wrestling star gave TMZ after they inquired about an incident that took place at the recent C2E2 convention alongside their Revolution PPV. Tom Gilmartin posed with the wrestler alongside his seven-year-old son, and MJF took the opportunity to give the child a middle finger. While this is almost to be expected at this point from a career heel like Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Gilmartin was still disturbed by the treatment.

“I tried to laugh it off knowing he’s just in character, but it really upset him. I know that’s his gimmick but he’s only 7 & doesn’t understand.”

Tom posted the message on Twitter, and AEW VP Cody responded with an apology of sorts. “DISCLAIMER: If you have a meet/greet or inquire media-wise for MJF, you’ll get MJF.” He later offered Tom and his family the VIP treatment when AEW next visited their town, which seemed to calm things down.

As for MJF, he’ll likely continue to “live the gimmick” and call writers like me fools for typing out stuff like that. Such is life.

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