Kurt Angle Talks Cody Rhodes’ Evolution As A Wrestler, Best Submissions, And Weapons

Kurt Angle

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Former WWE superstar Kurt Angle recently had another Q&A session on his Facebook, where he answered a handful of questions, including Cody Rhodes’ evolution as a wrestler, the best submissions he’s seen, and his favorite weapons in the WWE universe.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On Cody Rhodes’ evolution as a wrestler:

I think Cody has expanded as an entertainer after he left WWE. I believe WWE would utilize Cody much more at this time. It’s not WWE’s fault, Cody has evolved since he left. He’s at the top of his game.

On the best submissions:

Charlotte Flair. The Figure 8 is pretty impressive. Charlotte is a flexible bad ass.

On WWE weapons:

Steel chairs for me. I got hit by one on the head 17 years ago and it broke my neck. Makes me cringe when I think about it.

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