Moose Makes A Case Why He’s A Former IMPACT World Champion, Ready To Get One Over On Petey Williams

Moose vs. Petey Williams

Moose wants you to look at the facts and do the math—he says he’s a former world champion and he’s going to show Petey Williams who has the upper hand on IMPACT Wrestling tonight.

Moose spoke with Wrestlezone’s Bill Pritchard for an exclusive interview ahead of his match against Petey Williams tonight on IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV. Earlier this year, Moose told Sporting News’ Steven Muehlhausen that Scott D’Amore played a big part in his decision to stick with the company. As fans saw on last week’s episode of IMPACT, D’Amore and Petey Williams got to have some fun at his expense, calling out Moose for never being a champion.

Moose said the funny part about their “dig” was not only did he have two reigns with the now-defunct IMPACT Grand Championship but he considered himself a former World Champion as well, and explained how it all made sense.

“I’m going to do some math for you—see if you can follow. The IMPACT World Championship was merged with the Grand Championship, right? So they were merged together, making them one title, right? So technically, the Grand Championship is now the World title, right?” asked Moose. “Who is the longest-reigning IMPACT Grand Champion? Who has won the IMPACT Grand Championship the most times? So, wouldn’t that make me a two-time World Champion?”

“For them to say I’ve never been a champion is ridiculous because if [those two titles] were merged into one, then that means I’m a two-time World Champion. But nobody thinks about that,” said Moose. “It’s like with Ric Flair—he says he’s a sixteen-time World Champion. They don’t say he’s a 16-time “WWE Champion”, they say he’s a 16-time World Champion because they count it from WCW because it was [part of the lineage], right? So why is it not the same for this situation?”

They can say Petey or TNA has one over me, but let’s look at the facts here. Next week I get to wrestle Petey Williams one-on-one, so we’ll see who really has one over on who.

IMPACT has a full calendar over the next several weeks, including TNA: There’s No Place Like Home in Tampa, the Rebellion PPV in New York, as well as The Battle in the Buckeye State on April 24-25 marking their debut in Columbus. Before that, IMPACT heads to Atlanta this week for A-Town Beatdown, and Moose explained why it’s an important weekend for him personally.

“I know I’m a heel on TV but I’m excited to see the type of reaction I get at home. I played four years of my career there and I lived in Atlanta for twelve years, so Atlanta holds a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to come back.”