Rey Mysterio And Humberto Carrillo Defeat Andrade And Angel Garza

humberto carrillo

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

This week on WWE RAW, WWE United States Champion Andrade returned to the red brand and teamed with Angel Garza to face Rey Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo. Andrade and Carrillo started the match. Garza caught a diving Mysterio and slammed him into the barricade. Andrade took control and grounded Carrillo. Garza and Andrade isolated Carrillo.

Carrillo rallied and took Andrade down with a springboard headbutt. Andrade struck a pose in the ropes. Carrillo accidentally ripped Garza’s pants off and dove onto Andrade at ringside.

Garza sent Carrillo crashing face-first into the apron and kicked him in the face. Carrillo rallied and tagged Mysterio. The legendary superstar cleared house and dropped Andrade with a tornado DDT. Carrillo tried to dive onto Andrade and he moved, so Carrillo crashed into the barricade. Garza countered a 619 and rocked Mysterio with a knee to the abdomen. Mysterio hit a Canadian Destroyer for a two count. Andrade nailed Mysterio with a back elbow, but Mysterio countered his Three Amigos attempt. Carrillo tagged in and hit a standing moonsault. Andrade hit running knees in the corner. Mysterio hit the 619 on both Garza and Andrade. Carrillo tagged in and hit a moonsault for the win.

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