ROH Wrestling Results (3/2/20): Bandido & Flamita vs. The Briscoes

Brian Zane lists the top five matches he wants to see in 2020, including the Bouncers vs. Flamita & Bandido and Maria Manic vs. Session Moth Martina.

Backstage, Silas Young asks Josh Woods if he’s seen his jeans. Woods reveals that he got Young a new pair of jeans. Young doesn’t appreciate Woods’ style. Young struggles to put the jeans on over his trunks. He tosses the jeans back at Woods. Young angrily walks away.

The show plays highlights of Mark Briscoe’s match with Jay Briscoe from 2002. (It played during the ROH Free Enterprise intermission.) Mark earns the win with a Cutthroat Driver.

Bandito & Flamita vs. The Briscoes (Replayed From ROH Free Enterprise)

Mark Briscoe and Flamita start the match. Mark keeps up with Flamita’s fast offense. Bandido and Jay Briscoe tag in. The Briscoes gain the upper hand and isolate Bandido. Flamita makes the save and allows Bandido to rock the Briscoes with kicks. Flamita sends Jay to the outside with a hurricanrana. Flamita dives onto both brothers and Bandido dives onto everyone. A handspring wheelbarrow moonsault earns Flamita a two count. Mark suplexes Bandido on the floor and Jay tosses Flamita into the barricade.

Mark dives onto Bandido and Flamita outside the ring twice. He the hit Flamita with a diving elbow drop off the apron. Bandido rallies and uses Jay as a springboard to kick Mark. Flamita and Bandido doubel-team Jay and Bandido slingshots Flamita while he dives to the outside. The X Knee on Mark earns Bandido a near fall. A 450 Splash from Flamita earns Flamita a two count. The Briscoes hit Flamita with Red Neck Boogie for a two count. Flamita takes both brothers down with an athletic kick. Mark counters a moonsault and hits Froggy Bow for a near fall. Bandido and Flamita hit simultaneous Spanish Flies. The Briscoes hit Flamita with a Doomsday Device for the win.

Winners: The Briscoes

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