Reported Time Frame For ‘Dark Side Of The Ring’ Season Two, Several Topics Confirmed

owen hart dark side of the ring

Photo By Russell Turiak/Getty Images

Wrestling fans will be able to watch the second season of Viceland’s Dark Side Of The Ring sooner rather than later, according to PWInsider.

Insider‘s Mike Johnson reports that the target time for the docu-series to air on the network is at the end of March, speculating that it wants to feed off the hype that is WrestleMania season. Johnson also adds that several topics have been confirmed for season two, those of which are:

  • Brawl For All
  • The Benoit Tragedy
  • Dino Bravo
  • New Jack
  • Herb Abrams
  • Owen Hart

The plan for the series is to have a total of 10 episodes (confirmed back in July) with one of the topics being a two-parter. Johnson speculates that it is likely Benoit tragedy considering the weight and content of the topic.

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