Cody Rhodes On New Neck Tattoo: ‘I Wear A Lot Of Brands, I Wanted To Make Sure Mine Was One Of Them’

Cody Rhodes lost his big match against MJF at AEW Revolution but a lot of the attention was on Cody’s new neck tattoo.

Rhodes appeared to be hiding the new ink under a scarf during the C2E2 panels in Chicago, but came to the ring revealing he’d gotten his American Nightmare / Nightmare Family logo tattooed on the right side of his neck. The design was definitely a shock to the people watching, but Cody now says there’s a lot more to it than just getting a random tat.

Posted on his Instagram account, Cody says he wears a lot of brands and he wanted to “make sure mine was one of them.” He also added that no, he wasn’t hiding the tattoo at the convention and more details would be revealed on this afternoon’s “Road To Denver” show.

I’m humbled by the run I’ve been on and the love of the fans. Incredibly lucky man. It was very simple, I wear a lot of brands…I wanted to make sure mine was one of them. And I wasn’t hiding it. More details on tomorrow’s “Road To Denver”… – thank you @inkanddaggertattoo @craigbrocktattoo for taking the design and making it a reality!

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