Matt Hardy Confirms He Is A Free Agent, Doesn’t Rule Out A Return To WWE

Matt Hardy is officially a free agent.

Hardy confirmed early Monday on his ‘Thoughts From the Throne’ vlog that he has allowed his WWE contract to expire, allowing him to become a free agent in pro wrestling. Hardy emphasized that he did not want to leave WWE, expressing gratitude toward company officials like Michael Hayes, Triple H, Vince McMahon. and others by name. “If it was not for Vince McMahon, I would not be able to attain the quality of life that I currently have,” said Hardy.

On the latest WrestleZone Daily podcast, we break down where Matt Hardy could be heading next and much more.

He also added that WWE is his “home” but went on to elaborate that he and WWE were on different pages in terms of the creative process. The former WWE Tag Team Champion explained his decision, noting that “the last three or four years I have as an in-ring competitor are really important to cementing my legacy.” He also added that he was “positive” that in the future he would return to WWE. “There is definitely a WWE Hall of Fame ring waiting on me and my brother.”

Hardy went on to address his future, saying he would be watching Being the Elite, RAW, Smackdown, NXT, All Elite Wrestling, NWA, Impact Wrestling, MLW, NJPW, and Ring of Honor.  The always advantageous Hardy teased that the ‘Free the Delete’ series will start its finale this Wednesday at 12pm EST with multiple videos.

You can watch the entire video with Hardy’s full statements in the video above. Where do YOU see Matt Hardy going forward as a free agent with many possible options?

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