Full AEW Revolution Results (2/29/20)

AEW Revolution

AEW Revolution Results

February 29, 2020

Report by @DominicDeAngelo for Wrestlezone.com

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Tony Schiavone is backstage with SCU before they are set to take on Dark Order. Christopher Daniels is fired up for the team, but Scorpio Sky thinks it’s best for Daniels to stay back as they handle matters. Daniels is apprehensive at first, but relents and let’s Frankie Kazarian and Sky to it. Certainly some trust issues brewing.

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Commentators: Taz & Excalibur

SCU vs. Dark Order

Kazarian and Stu Grayson start things off as The Dark Order have their followers at ringside. Matters go onto the outside as Evil Uno and Grayson cut the ring off for Kaz. “Spooky Perverts” chants break out. Kaz is spending a long time in the ring as Grayson grounds him with a headlock.

Kaz elbows free, but flying elbow puts Kaz down. It’s awhile before Kaz makes the hot tag to Sky but once he does he goes all out on Grayson and Uno. Tags get exchanged and once Scorpio gets back in action, The Dark Order begins to dominate. Scorpion onto Scorpio but he kicks out at two. Dark Order later go for a Fatality, but Sky wriggles free and monkey flips Kaz into a double clothesline, but The Dark Order soon flip Sky up for the win.

WINNERS: Dark Order

Post-match, the minions of Dark Order gang up on SCU, but Colt Cabana comes out to a big reaction. He evens the playing field for a bit, but The Dark Order gang up on all of them and the numbers game is too much. The DO suddenly stop and out comes a cloaked individual and it appears to be The Exalted One. He disrobes and it’s Daniels. He charges the ring and begins to attack The Dark Order. Daniels hits an Angels Wings on Alex Reynolds and all four of them celebrate. Kaz and Sky are shown apologizing to Daniels.


Dustin Rhodes vs. Jake Hager

Dustin enters with QT Marshall and the two embrace before QT heads to the back. Dustin has a new makeup style that’s kind of akin to The Fiend mouth. Hager comes out and he and his wife basically make out before he steps on the canvas.

Bell rings and the two go back and forth before Hager hits a belly-to-back suplex. He slugs at Dustin in the corner with some hard rights to the mid-section, but Dustin sends him onto the outside and the two begin to brawl in the crowd.

Dustin begins working on the arm of Hager. He gets back in the ring in time just to break the count. Dustin continues the outside assault, but another belly-to-back on the apron of the ring before he charges at Dustin with a hard clothesline.

Hager takes control of the match. Dustin gets the crowd behind him and begins to jab at Jake, but Hager sends him onto the outside. As Hager sends Dustin back in, Dustin knocks him down on the apron and the two brawl on the outside. Jake goes back to his wife as she pep talks her man. Dustin comes over after sending Jake into the barricade and lays one on Hager’s wife. Dustin takes control back in the ring and delivers one crisp powerslam for a two count.

Jake soon goes for a Vader Bomb, but Dustin thwarts his efforts. Big slam by Hager gets Dustin down and then successfully lands his Vader Bomb on try number two. Repeated charging clotheslines in the corner by Hager. Jake hits his gutwrench powerbomb and a lackadaisical pin has Dustin kicking out at two.

Hager has Dustin in the corner, but Dustin flips him over the turnbuckle, sending him crashing into the steel steps. Dustin follows Jake back into the ring and strikes Hager in the corner. Dustin goes for the Shattered Dreams but catches Jake with a kick before hit a code red. Two count.

Dustin locks in a cross armbreaker and has it cinched, but Hager rolls it into his ankle-lock.

It looks like Dustin make tap but he gets to the corner and Hager almost crashes into referee Edwards. Edwards gathers herself, but as she does Jake knees Dustin in the groin and locks in a standing chokehold. Dustin passes out and Aubrey calls for the bell.

WINNER: Jake Hager