Chris Jericho ‘Little Bit Of The Bubbly’ Action Figure Variant Available For Preorder

All Elite Wrestling made some big waves by announcing their new action figure line and now Chris Jericho has another reason to celebrate.

Ringside Collectibles has announced a new limited-edition, ‘Bubbly Packaging’ edition Chris Jericho action figure, now available for pre-order. The whole package comes with a one of a kind Chris Jericho figure from Wicked Cool Toys, and it comes in bubbly bottle packaging and “everything you need to celebrate the night Le Champion won the AEW Championship!”

The set includes the Jericho figure, an AEW World Championship Belt, a Bottle of Bubbly, Champagne Bucket, Deli Platter Spread, Cup & Folding Table!

Check out screenshots of the figure below. A new video of Jericho seeing the Bubbly Figure for the first time, and Le Champion talking about how popular the catchphrase got is at the top of the page.

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Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam interviewed Jericho in the very room that the ‘Bubbly’ went viral in—check out Le Champion talking about AEW building stars the right way, Jon Moxley in his way and much more:

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