Ryback Talks WrestleMania Payouts, Only Received $1,500 For WrestleMania 30 Match

During an episode of Conversation With The Big Guy, Ryback discussed WrestleMania paydays and revealed that the event isn’t as lucrative as it seems for wrestlers.

Ryback first discussed his singles bout at WrestleMania 29 against Mark Henry. “It was my best singles payout I’d ever gotten, which was still way under what it probably should’ve been from what other guys in that position in years past had probably made then,” said Ryback (transcription courtesy of Post Wrestling‘s Andrew Thompson). “I would say, that match was either for $60-something-thousand or $70-something-thousand, because there might have been other things figured into that payout week of that, but the total check with WrestleMania figured in was like $70-something-thousand which is not — there’s guys that make way more than that but for that profile for literally working on top that year, that was a low amount.”

Meanwhile, Ryback said that the pay for being on the pre-show “sucked,” and that it drove him crazy. In fact, his WrestleMania 30 payout was one of the lowest he had pay-per-view wise that year. He claims that he only got “something like $1,500 bucks” for the four-way match between him and Axel against Jack Swagger & Cesaro, The Usos, and Primo & Epico. He has no clue why it was that low. “No rhyme or reason which technically should’ve been my highest pay-per-view of the year probably still being WrestleMania, and it was… so, you never know what they’re gonna do or what’s going on with each guy, but typically if you’re on WrestleMania, you’re looking forward to a pretty decent payday.”

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